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Important Information Regarding the Niswonger Scholarship and Leadership Program

We certainly could not have predicted what the year 2020 would hold. Through these unfortunate circumstances, the Niswonger Foundation has been placed in the position of reassessing each program and activity in consideration of the effects of the pandemic on the potential success of that work. While we believe most of our programs can continue to perform at the level of quality we would expect, we have had to make the difficult determination that the Niswonger Scholars program must be reconsidered.

We will not seek nominations for the Niswonger Scholarship this academic year.

The design of the Niswonger Scholarship and Leadership program requires an intense level of engagement on the part of the Scholars. They live on their respective campuses with a requirement of using their leadership skills. They are required to engage in significant service-learning experiences. The Scholars actively participate in face-to-face leadership training, building relationships and networks with their fellow Scholars. An important part of the leadership development involves significant travel both within and outside the country. In addition to travel experiences in which all Scholars participate, they are encouraged to, also, study abroad and engage in international service projects. COVID-19 has placed all these activities in jeopardy for the foreseeable future.

In lieu of selecting a new class of Scholars, we have set as our goal the care and support of our current 10 Niswonger Scholars. We will spend our time and attention personalizing their leadership development experience to the absolute best of our ability.

Nancy Dishner
President and CEO

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Submitting a Proposal for a School Partnership

Proposals for the School Partnership Program are accepted from superintendents or senior site administrators. All proposals must identify a specific area of need based on student academic performance data and reflect the School Improvement Plan. Measurable goals and objectives, relevant financial statements, and a letter of support from the director or board chairperson, must be included. Proposals are accepted year round.

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