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The Niswonger Foundation honors the educational professionals who are making an important difference in the lives of children across the State. We have sponsored the Tennessee Teacher of the Year award for the past ten years. Our Foundation recognizes that teaching is both a great honor and an important responsibility. Holding the profession of teaching in the highest esteem, we are proud to recognize those who exemplify excellence.

This year, Wanda Lacy, a teacher at Farragut High School, in Knox County, was recognized as Teacher of the Year. She has taught for 30 years, the last six having been spent as an AP calculus teacher. During those six years, every student has taken the AP calculus exam, with 97% earning college level credit. Speaking of her abilities, Principal Michael Reynolds commented “She moves students past seeking only the correct answers and on to the why of learning.”

We congratulate Ms. Lacy on her many accomplishments and for achieving this year's Tennessee Teacher of the Year award.

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