Comprehensive Educational Resources (CER)

The mission of CER is to improve student achievement by providing common benchmark assessments, reporting and pacing guides, data analysis, teacher created resources, and collaboration across the region.  This effort provided a ready-response to the challenges of instructional delivery during the pandemic, with the majority of the resources already formatted for virtual learning or adaptable for use in a virtual setting.  The content is available in mathematics, science and social studies in a total of 29 content areas.  These resources are growing at a pace of 50-60 materials each month.  

Key components to the CER program include:

  1. Regional curriculum aligned to state standards containing the rigor to help students master essential skills.
  2. Curriculum supported by the necessary materials and resources for successful implementation.
  3. Pacing guides for all core subjects.
  4. Benchmark assessments to ensure students have mastered essential skills.
  5. Data management system, which level staff analyze and effectively use state/benchmark data to drive the instructional program.

For more information, visit the CER Website

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